Why Village?

Certified Teachers in a State Licensed Facility

Spacious Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas

Sibling Discount

Nutritious Meals and Organic Milk Provided

Yoga and Music Classes Included

Comprehensive Research Based Curriculum


How can I get involved with my child's school?

We offer a variety of ways for families to participate in the growth and improvement of our program. We encourage families to take an active role. Become an advisor:

· Discussion of Program Goals – annual meeting for families to provide input into our plan for the program.

· Parent Advisory Committee – which will include 4-5 parents and meets 4 times a year to review progress toward annual goals.

· Classroom Representative – each classroom will have a representative that serves as a liaison between classroom parents and teachers and help plan family events.

What are some of the events that take place at your school which my family may participate in?

We have several events throughout the year that bring our entire community together. Watch for the announcements in the section "Calendar" -"Family Engagement".

· Open House

· Back to School Night

· Holiday Gathering

· Book Swap

· Trunk or Treat

· Parent Celebrations

How can I help or participate in my child's classroom?

Enjoy and help your child’s class with these special activities: 

· Share a meal with your child

· Chaperone field trips

· Read to children at arrival or pickup 

· Volunteer in the classroom

· Donate requested items 

Do you have workshops that we may attend to learn more about my child's education and experience?

Our menu of family workshops changes annually. Below is a list of workshops we typically offer. We try to offer these in the early evening.  A calendar is posted on the community resources board with upcoming events and workshops as well as in the "Calendar" section under "Family Engagements". We welcome requests for workshop topics. 

· Positive Guidance and Loving Discipline

· Toilet Training

· Safety in the Home

· Child Proofing Your Home

· Brain Development

· Nutrition and Exercise for Small Bodies

· Supporting Your Child in Times of Stress

· Food Allergies

· How to Prepare for a Conference

· Warning Signs for Developmental Delays

· Importance of Play in Child Development

How does your program prepare my child for Kindergarten?