Grow NJ KIDS and Norwood Preschool

Village Ear (Norwood PreSchool) participates in the state sponsored initiative, Grow NJ Kids. We have successfully completed the Grow NJ Kids rating process and have been awarded 4 stars! Participating early learning programs are assigned a star rating based on observed quality.  Classrooms are rated using the Environmental Rating Scales which focus on the 7 different aspects of   the classroom environment: space and furnishings; personal care routines; listening and talking; activities; interaction; program structure; parents and staff. The Star Rating is based on verification of evidence for each standard through an extensive documentation review and scores on the Environmental Rating Scales.As a rated program, we have demonstrated our commitment to offering high-quality childcare and promoting school readiness

In accordance with NAEYC guidelines and practices, NPS believes children learn through productive play and positive interactions within their environment. By having planned activities and purposeful learning materials, children’s development is enhanced. NPS incorporates meaningful experiences for the children and allows for learning to occur in “their world.” NPS implements developmentally appropriate practices to ensure that a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment is established so that the children can develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.  It is our goal to foster the children into becoming independent learners and to instill a lifelong love for learning in their hearts.

Our program supports the relationship between children, their families, and our staff members. It is designed to provide children with meaningful experiences that encourage growth in all areas of development by involving them in an environment in which they can

  • Add to their knowledge and to their physical, social, and emotional development by observing and interacting with peers, adults, and materials
  • Expand and develop their literacy and communication skills
  • Increase their knowledge and ability to become involved in and make sense of the world by doing, interacting, exploring and experiencing
  • Increase their skills in problem solving, negotiations, social interactions and independence